Solution for ‘Lombok plugin incompatible with 2018.1 Intellij Idea’ warning

Migrating from older to the newest version of IntelliJ Idea can cause a warning message for Lombok module.

The result of the problem is the red underling of all lines using Lombok functionality. The warning occurs after IntelliJ start-up on the button right side and looks like this:

Lombok plugin incompatible with 2018.1 Intellij Idea

A solution to this problem is very easy. Just:

1. Open settings and select plugin options
2. Search or select Lombok plugin, right-click and reload the list of plugins
3. Then there will beĀ Update button instead of Uninstallbutton. Press the Update button.
4. After re-installation of the plugin restart IntelliJ Idea for updating its internal dependencies. That is it.

Intellij 2018 1 - fixing Lombok

IntelliJ 2018.1 – fixing Lombok

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