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Convert varchar to text in PostgreSQL

If you work with PostgreSQL you will definitely get into the situation when you want to change the data type for the text fields in your tables. This is a simple hint how to convert varchar data type to text … Continue reading

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3 basic mistakes for NullPointerException when Mock

You might get NullPointerException exception when you try to mock object in your tests. This article is a short list of 3 most common reasons why this might be happening.

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How to create file in different directory in PHP

Let’s imagine I want to create a file in a different folder than where I am in the current moment. How to create this file in the different folder? This article will help with a small piece of code achieve … Continue reading

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How to create a folder in PHP if it doesn’t exist

This article will show you how to create a folder automatically in PHP if it does not exist.  We will see several different approaches to solve this problem in a right way.

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