How to create file in different directory in PHP

Let’s imagine I want to create a file in a different folder than where I am in the current moment. How to create this file in the different folder? This article will help with a small piece of code achieve creation of a file in the different folder.

First of lets have a folder structure like this:


I am currently in the root folder in the file index.php. In this file, I want to run a certain function which will create me a new file in the established folder.

If you want to be sure that the folder into which you want to export file exists, check our recent post about creating new folders.


$fileContent = 'This is the content in the file.';
$fileName = 'page.txt';
$filePath = './create/'.$fileName;

if (file_put_contents($filePath, $fileContent) !== false) {
    echo "File created (" . basename($filePath) . ").";
} else {
    echo "Cannot create the file (" . basename($filePath) . ").";
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