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My name is Andrej Buday, and this is my blog focusing on daily software development issues. Most of the articles are written on matters connected with the Java language and the Spring framework. However, you can find here many other articles regarding similar technologies and programming languages.

I have purchased the codepills.com domain in the year 2017 and immediately established here blog initially around my past development of WordPress themes in PHP language.

You can find my personal development stories and personal opinions on software development (how to develop software in the right way) on my personal portfolio page at codekopf.com. The reason why I did not want to mix much of my personal opinions on software development with professional tutorials and guides on codepills.com is very simple: everybody has their own idea on doing software development in the right way, and I simply did not want to explain myself pointlessly in wrong space. Hopefully, by reading my guides on codepills.com, you might notice my software development style.

Content from time before 2017

This blog might contain more articles written before the year 2017. I have been actively blogging on various platforms since high school (2002-2006), and I wrote many technical articles since my teenage years. Many might be still valid even today. However, I will continuously edit past articles to increase the quality of this blog. Therefore, you might encounter a few pieces dated way back before establishing the codepills.com blog in the year 2017.

Story of codepills.com creation in 2017

I was very inspired by my very good friend’s effort and success who started blogging about her professional experience and what problems she encountered during her professional praxis. I helped her to establish her blog and was continuously supporting her during her first blogging steps. Meanwhile, life was passing by. A couple of years later, I have decided to purchase the codepills.com domain and established a space where I would share my solutions to problems that I encounter during my daily software development work and help by this to others. Thus code pills – small everyday solutions to help your code get better and better.

After the year 2020

After the 2020 global pandemic, this site became part of my effort to build my personal Private Blog Network (PBN). While I like software development, I also like the comfort of working from home, which the global pandemic brought. Working from home is something I have always desired, and it was one of my most significant motivational factors to pursue the software engineer’s path.

Unfortunately, employers took work-from-home during the quarantine as forces moved rather than an opportunity for growth. I firmly believe many companies did not learn anything during this crisis. I see evidence daily all around me, and they will recall all employees back to the offices after the global pandemic echo will be over.

But by building PBN, I believe I can detach from tedious everyday work and work on projects that I like and would rather spend time on. Ultimately, it will help me not depend on a single income source – my professional software engineering services as a regular employee.

Help to my readers

While some people might think turning to me personally directly or through this blog with their coding issue might be a good idea, it is not. While I am happy codepills.com readership is growing is steadily growing, I simply would not have time even if I would have a single pair of readers every day.

Please try to approach your coding issues by basic principle, systematically and by small steps. Nobody is perfect, neither I am. Unfortunately, I do not have time to help individuals with their software engineering problems.

On the other hand, I would highly recommend you to use the StackOverflow forum, describe your problem clearly and provide information on what steps did you make in order to solve your coding issue when asking a question at Stack Overflow. In this way I guarantee you, you will get an answer within a few hours. Stack Overflow community is very helpful and even I am helping there from time to time to unknown individuals. Who knows, maybe I will answer even your question.


I actively try to develop several open-source projects. You can find them on my GitHub profile. The most notable for codepills.com is my tutorials-jvm project which contains source codes from many codepills.com tutorials and guides. If you have better idea or improvement, found an error or issue, please let me know by creating ticket. Thank you very much for making tutorials-jvm better.

How to connect with me

While in future, I would like to implement a more complex contact form on all of my blogs, right now, it will be best if you want to get in touch with me through LinkedIn. You can find my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrejbuday/.

Also, I am very eager, and I am looking forward to your constructive criticism and feedback; if you found a typo or more serious error, or you just simply know how to improve algorithms or solutions, let me know through the comments on individual articles. Your constructive opinion matter to me.