Blank page on fresh WordPress installation

I am currently in state of rebuilding the web page and I wanted to add new section ‘design”. New fresh WordPress installation was needed. I classified myself as skilled WordPress installer but I have never encounter error which occurred during this installation. When I typed installation address I got clear white page. Just nothing, no sign of what is going on. HTML code of page was blank.

There was no error about database connection problem or any other sign that server register my request for installation page. Source code was not helpful and I have therefore no clue what is wrong.

After hour of surfing over internet and looking for right answer I figure it out. Whole problem was just in wrong password for connection with database on side of my webhosting. Since I am using special characters, capital letters and numbers and have installed 2 different keyboards (EN,SK), when there is ************** security in typing the password I can not be never so sure what I am exactly writing.

When you have same problem during installation as me I suggest you to look up and check if password in wp-config.php is same as password for connection with database on your web-hosting provider.

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