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How to show first n characters in JavaScript or TypeScript string

This article will show you three different ways how to obtain substring from a string in JavaScript or TypeScript Continue reading

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How to make a webpage

Whatt is necessary for making webpage What is not necessary for making webpage Two steps for creating first webpage Webpage files WYSIWYG HTML editors Writing own HTML code Tutorial for begginers Quickest way how to learn making webpage

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Erasmus web šablóna

Popis: Erasmus web šablóna je HTML dokument, ktorý je voľne k stiahnutiu. Tento dokument má 2 účely. Stiahnuť a upraviť podľa svojich predstáv si ho môže ktokoľvek. Na druhej strane dokument reprezentuje všetky články, ktoré som napísal o programe Erasmus … Continue reading

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List of my past web projects

I have a nice history of establishing and developing web based projects. Here is a list of my projects. Continue reading

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